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About me
Hi there,

My family name's Vo, my given name's Tuan, Hung is my middle name. Please just call me Tuan :)
I'm from An Giang, Vietnam. I studied in Can Tho University, in the Mekong delta.

Since June 2017, I work for Robert Bosch Engineering and Business Solutions Vietnam Co., Ltd

Car Multimedia - Integration engineer

Principle Responsibilities:

- Developing and maintaining Jenkins jobs
- Integrating source code between ClearCase and git
- Managing daily builds

Onsite experience

India - Bosch's offices in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu
June 14 - August 19 2017

From March 2017 to May 2017, I work in SAP Asia Vietnam labs.

SAP HANA - In-memory database

Principle Responsibilities:

- Monitoring Jenkins jobs
- Administrating Bugzilla, Gerrit, git
- Monitoring servers (hardware and software issues)
- Providing servers to developers and testers when they request

Before 2017, I worked as a senior programmer in TMA Solutions Software Outsourcing Provider Ltd., located in Ho Chi Minh city. I worked in project VitalQIP - an IPAM production of Nokia (former Alcatel-Lucent).

Principle Responsibilities:

- Designing and implementing Continuous Integration pipelines for a range of projects and environments using Jenkins.
- Maintaining and enhancing of existing build scripts (Apache Ant and QuickBuild).
- Developing and applying the latest updates and security patches of the ISC BIND 9.8.x, 9.9.x, 9.10.x into Nokia DNS servers.
- Managing the source code management software IBM Rational ClearCase for whole project.
- Developing and customizing the ELK (Elastichsearch, Logstash, Kibana) to monitor the DNS, DHCP servers logs.

Onsite experience


Alcatel-Lucent office in Malvern, Pennsylvania, USA

- Set up new build machines
- Maintaining the NetApp servers
- Maintaining the QuickBuild servers
- Customers support

Nice-to-have skills:

- Strong knowledge: IBM ClearCase, Jenkins, Shell, Git, Apache Ant, QuickBuild, ISC BIND DNS, Windows, Linux, Solaris, Docker.
- Can read code, understand and debug: C, C++, Python, Java, JavaScript, Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana, Maven, Gradle, Hg, SonarQube, Tomcat, SQl, Sybase, Oracle, Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Game development
- HTML5: using Phaser JS framework and public on https://play.nguoianphu.com/

During recent years I've developed a web at NguoiAnPhu.com and my own blogs here.

I'm writing some HTML5 games here https://play.nguoianphu.com/

When I'm not online I enjoy watching movies.

My CV:

You can email me by:
Gmail: vohungtuan
Skype: vohungtuan102
LinkedIn: https://vn.linkedin.com/in/vohungtuan
Github: https://github.com/nguoianphu
Stackoverflow: https://stackoverflow.com/users/691530/tuan