Undo checked out by a deleted view

Show cases:

- Someone in your team leaved but they checked out some files :). And before leaving, they don't undo check out :)
- You or someone checked out some files :) Then you or them deleted the view but you/them don't undo check out :)


Log in a Clear Case admin
Remove all checked-out by view deleted_view

cleartool describe -long vob:/vobs/myvob | grep deleted_view

SOMEONE:C:ccstgdeleted_view.vws [uuid de6ae905.21bf4d8b.8ecd.c6:5e:d8:6a:2f:24]

cleartool rmview -uuid de6ae905.21bf4d8b.8ecd.c6:5e:d8:6a:2f:24 -avobs