C/C++ programming on Linux

g++ option:

Build a main.c to an executable program

g++ main.c -o program_name

-> program_name on Linux
-> program_name.exe on Windows

Build a method.c to an object method.o. The method.o can provide its methods for others program

g++ -c method.c

-> method.o

If method.c is split to method.h and method.c (they are located in same directory):

g++ -c -I. method.c

-> method.o

The main.c uses methods in method.c
-> build main.c to main.o
-> build method.c to method.o

g++ main.o method.o -o program_name

Create a Makefile for above step (before g++ is a tab not a space):

main: main.o method.o
 g++ main.o method.o -o program_name
main.o: main.c
 g++ -c main.c
method.o: method.c
 g++ -c method.c
 rm -f *.o *~ main

Run Makefile


Run clean

make clean